The Salesman Classic

Digital Signage 55 Non Touchscreen

The Salesman Slim

Digital Signage 43/55 Available Touchscreen & Non Touchscreen (Black)

The Salesman Double Sided

Double Signage 55 Available Standing & Hanging

The Salesman Outdoor

Digital Signage 65/75
Available Single & Double Sided

The Salesman Wall Mounted

Digital Signage 22
Wall Bracket Included

LED Display

Installation for Outdoor/Indoor


The Customer Assistant

Digital Self Service 55/65 Indoor Display, Metal Frame, Tempered Glass

Interactive Wall

LED Display 55/65 Indoor Display, Wall Bracket Include, Tempered Glass

The Consultant

Interactive Table Indoor Display,Metal Frame, Customized

Smart Display 55

Professional Industrial Display Indoor Display, Graphics & Sound Verified, 4K Resolution

Presentation Board

Available in 65/75/86 Available in Capacitive & Infra Red Touch Technology

Smart Kiosk

Available in 21/32 Support with IoT